Mathematics IB


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TOPIC 1: ALGEBRASub-topicsPrice
SequencesPaterns and Sequences£5.00
Arithmetic sequences£3.50
Geometric sequences£4.50
Sigma notation£3.50
Aritmetic series£3.50
Geometric series£3.50
Convergent series and sums to infinity£3.50
Applications of geometric and arithmetic patterns£4.50
Exponents and logarithmsExponents£5.50
Solving exponential equations£4.50
Properties of logarithms£3.50
Laws of logarithms£3.50
Change of base£3.50
Exponential and logarithmic equations£3.50
The Binomial theoremPascal triangle£4.50
Binomial expansion£4.50
Bundle. Topic 1: Algebra£45.00
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TOPIC 2: Functions and EquationsSub-topicsPrice
FunctionsIntroducing functions£6.50
The Domain and the Range£6.50
Function Notation£5.00
Composite functions£5.00
Inverse functions£6.50
Transforming functions£2.50
The Quadratic functionSolving quadratic equations by factorisation£3.50
Solving quadratic by equations completing the square£3.50
The quadratic formula£3.50
Roots of quadratic equations£3.50
Quadratic graphs y=ax2+bx+c£3.50
Quadratic graphs y=a(x-h)2+k£3.50
Quadratic graphs y=a(x-p)(x-q)£3.50
Finding the equation of a quadratic function from a graph£3.50
Applications of quadratics£4.50
Reciprocal function
The reciprocal function£3.50
Rational functions£3.50
Exponential and logarithmic functionsExponential functions£3.50
Transformations of Exponential functions£3.50
Logarithmic functions£3.50
Applications of exponential and logarithmic functions£4.50
Bundle. Topic 2: Functions and equations£63.00
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The circleRadian measure of angles£4.50
Length of arc and Area of a sector£2.50
Right-angled triangle trigonometryTrigonometric ratios£5.50
Special right angled triangles£3.50
Applications of right-angled triangle trigonometry£4.50
Definition of cos θ and sin θ in terms of the unit circle.Using the coordinate axes in trigonometry£3.50
Using the unit circle£3.50
Solving equations using the unit circle£3.50
IdentitiesTrigonometric identities£4.50
The circular functionsGraphing circular functions£6.00
Translations and stretches of trigonometric functions£6.00
Combined transformations with sine and cosine functions£4.50
Modeling with sine and cosine functions£4.00
Solution of trianglesThe cosine rule£3.50
The sine rule£3.50
Area of a triangle£3.50
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TOPIC 4: VECTORSSub-topicsPrice
VectorsBasic concepts£4.50
Position vectors£3.50
Distance between two points in the space£3.50
Unit vectors£3.50
Addition and subtraction of vectors£3.50
Angles between vectors£3.50
Geometrical proofs£3.50
Scalar productScalar product£3.50
Vector equation of a lineVector equation of a line£3.50
Intersection point of two vectors£4.00
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Variance and standard deviation£3.50
Cumulative frequency£3.50
Bivariate analysisScatter graphs£4.50
The line of best fit£5.50
Least squares regression£4.50
Measuring correlation£5.50
Sample space diagrams and the product rule£4.00
Tree diagrams£4.00
Probability distributionsConcept of discrete random variables and their probability distributions£4.50
Expected values£2.50
Binomial distribution£5.50
Expectation and variance of the binomial distribution£3.50
The normal distribution£6.00
Inverse normal distribution£4.50
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TOPIC 6: CALCULUSSub-topicsPrice
LimitsLimits and convergence£6.00
DerivativeThe tangent line and derivative of xn£3.50
The Equations of tangent and normal lines£3.50
Basic rules for derivative£3.50
The derivative of ex and ln x£6.00
The product rule£2.50
The quotient rule£2.50
The chain rule for composite functions£3.50
The second derivative and higher order derivatives£3.50
Rate of change£4.50
Velocity and acceleration functions£3.50
Properties of curves - Increasing and decreasing functions£3.50
Relative extrema and global extrema£3.50
Second derivative and the concavity of a function£4.50
Sketching the graph of a function using the first and second derivative£4.50
Optimisation problems£4.50
IntegrationAntiderivatives and the indefinite integral£4.50
More on indefinite integral£3.50
Integration using the substitution method£3.50
Area under the curve, Properties of definite integrals£6.00
Fundamental theorem of calculus£3.50
Area between two curves£4.50
Volumes of revolution£4.50
Kinematic problems£3.50
Trigonometric functionsDerivatives of trigonometric functions£4.50
Maxima and minima of trigonometric functions£3.50
Integral of sine and cosine functions£4.50
Bundle. Topic 6: Calculus£80.00
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