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Function Machine & Inverse function

Just what I was looking for, well written easy steps, lots of examples. Thank you

Equations of tangent and normal to a curve

exactly what I was looking for to cover this topic. thank you.

Rate of change

It is a thorough presentation with detailed explanation and demonstration on the rate of change.

Function Machine & Inverse function

Thanks, it's well illustrated and helpful for teaching.

Scalar product of two vectors

Great item! I used this in my Year 12 Essential maths class and it was very thorough. Thanks for a great resource.

Least square regression

The concepts of Statistics is not easy to explain. However, you have done a great job explaining Least Square Regression. The calculator tips is very useful also. Thank you!

Equations of the tangent and Normal lines

Very succinct and easy to understand! Was a perfect quick review after an unexpected 3-day snow break!